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PLB Duct Pipe


PLB HDPE duct consists of two concentric layers, the outer layer being HDPE; co-extruded with an inner layer of solid silicone permanent lubricant, to reduce the internal co-efficient of friction (ICF). We are manufacturing in such a manner so that the lubricant shall become a solid layer of uniform thickness throughout the duct so formulated to provide a permanent, low friction boundary layer between the inner surface of the duct and Fiber-Optic Cable. The lubricant layer is clearly visible in cross section, concentric with the outer layer. The ducts contain 4 (four) eqvi-spaced continuous longitudinal strips of width 3mm minimum which is co-extruded during the duct manufacturing. 

Alternatively the ducts can also be manufactured in homogenous construction (without a separate inner layer) with inside containing smooth lubricants for easy and convenient pulling of cables meeting all the generic requirements.


  • Impact Resistance. 
  • Environment Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR).
  • Temperature Resistance & Range of Product use.
  • Crush Resistance.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) protection.


  • Suitable for installation in the field dirt trenches, under sidewalks, roads, within communication networks, between communication centres and between cities.
  • Can also be used in branch networks between cells, distribution cabinets, poles, in walls and within subterranean networks of homes, allowing the insertion of communication cables-optical or copper, as well as TV/cable aluminium coaxial cables.
  • Cables can be inserted in through the pipe by blowing, with an internal air-pressure up to eight bars.